Tuesday, August 30, 2011

TERA Qperators the effort to combat the virtual trading

In today’s popular online games, virtual trading has become a gray area can not be avoided, both game development company or operating company is difficult to stop virtual trading, and there followed a large number of game gold farmers (Gold Farmer). Recently, “TERA” North American agent En Masse Entertainment CEO Patrick Wyatt Stuart on the official blog: the effort to combat the game’s virtual trading.

Show a recent Castanic start playing the video treatment, followed by Hager and Ramirez analysis of the game systems (including combat, Rune and crystal systems). The conference is for those who do not understand completely "TERA" players, so not much new stuff released. In addition to some other action, the conference also introduces the game's story, and hate the system of political prestige system.

Bluehole developed new online game "TERA" open Europe's Game Show Gamescom 2011 promotional video to show "TERA" the European version of the style.

"TERA" now in South Korea, the Japanese market, while Japan reached 50,000 while the beta on the line good results.

He said: the game will introduce a “time scroll” (Chronoscrolls) system, the system similar to the “EVE Online” The PLEX system, if the players did not participate in virtual trading, this system will not have any effect; If the player through a third party purchase virtual currency, then he will be subject to certain penalties which will not Fengting player account or something, but it will reduce the desire of players to buy gold coins, and thus cut off from the source virtual transactions. While being we do not know how to operate the system, but his confident attitude, it is worth looking forward to it.

En Masse also shows the server the first time between the fighting. The system design is full of class players to provide more PVE and PVP content. "Through this system, there will be other players can enter your server's territory, to challenge your authority." Hager explained that he then referred to the Society between the need to unite together against the invaders, if the alliance is strong enough together , will be able to have back home invaders.

In addition, NHN Japan announced, "TERA" yesterday (18) officially launched in Japan, will launch a 30 moon fees, costs 90 moon, 30, automatically renewed monthly fee (Only credit card payments) and 30 hour and kinds of payment system, the price of 3,000 yen, seven thousand five hundred yen, 2,000 yen and 7 million 9 million yen, of which 30 hours must be in 9 one hundred yen a year after use.

En Masse For details of this new system is very careful not to reveal too much, but as the game launched in Spring 2012 draws near, I believe there will be more information available.

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