Sunday, August 28, 2011

TERA the United States Sever Will Act against Illegal Game

“TERA” developer studio En Masse Entertainment North American division recently announced that it has to cooperate with the Crisp Technology, the two sides will jointly operate the game after the game to crack down on various illegal acts. Official statement is as follows:

Crisp Thinking yesterday (August 10) announced that they are unique, automated social management platform will be integrated into the spring of next year we will be released online at work “TERA” in.

En Masse third Friday of each month will be through Twitter (social networking and micro-blog service site) A meeting of the "TERA" product exchange. Friday's exchange of producer Brian Knox and community manager Evan Berman mentioned some of the noteworthy content.

One mentions the Association is planning the construction of which may not be able to catch the game on sale in spring 2012. Game development team also mentioned some of the data (En Masse 70 people, "TERA" to the creation of South Korea's Bluehole Studio has more than 200 teams). Finally, revealed activity in the forum to announce next week, PAX "TERA" related to the major content, do please pay attention to it.

Crisp platform game in real-time detection of various types of illegal behavior, online chat template, and social patterns, to respond to and deal with goldsmith, plug-in, spam, Leveling and phishing attacks. It can detect bad behavior, and real-time monitoring of transactions; can automatically follow the rules set in advance from the line to deal with the behavior of the lower threat level, and to give priority to some of the more serious problems the team sent to deal with.

En Masse will have the honor to become the world’s first platform to use Crisp to manage and regulate all of its online content companies. And Crisp will work together to maintain “TERA” safe game environment.

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