Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Party Pete and TzHaar Improvements

The Guaranteed Content Poll is your chance to have a genuine impact on the wow gold, and you have made some great choices this time. We asked you to choose the single character and group of characters that you would like us to transform. The results were Party Pete and the TzHaar (now that would be an interesting party!).

Party Pete seems to be very proud of his fabulous new look and he can't wait to show it off to everyone in runescape gold. He has had a complete makeover, with clothes and accessories that suit his fun-loving lifestyle. If you want to check out his new threads (and groovy moves), head over to the Party Room to join in with his celebrations. The Party Room can be found to the north-east of Falador's east bank.

We don't think that the TzHaar would appreciate being described as 'groovy', but recent geological disturbances have left every single one of these fearsome creatures looking very different, from the TzHaar-Hur to TzTok-Jad himself. After a dramatic transformation, the TzHaar now look even more intimidating; TzTok-Jad even scared us when we first saw him. If you're feeling brave and your adventuring brings you to Brimhaven's volcano, be careful where you put your pickaxe. Those rocks have powerful friends!

In other news...
In High Detail mode, you will find that buildings with roofs are much easier to buy Tera gold cheap. You can now click on the roof of a building and your player will walk inside - assuming the door is open, of course!


Monday, September 26, 2011

Tera item really needs now

The guild wars tera gold water bearer can be male or female and can represent someone close to you or guild wars 2 gold someone who has had a strong influence on you. The fat old cunt will not be poisoning me tonight he thought.Sitting quietly in the corner of the lamp lit bedroom, half an eye on Margaret sleeping, the other on a copy of the Sunday Times he had saved for night time reconnaissance, Percy was ready to pounce, as best as old men can, into violent action at tera gold any moment.

Cash balance will be added further during every deposit and the casinos will deposit equal amount of money for the participants as bonus. But dont forget to take expert opinion before playing anything online. If you are looking for more information then feel free to visit Roulette for Mac and Best Roulette Bonuses If it does, then, I would like to recommend a variety of web hosting solutions to you. The swtor credits applications will have a larger reach when compared to Mac applications.The blackjack games are very popular and it requires some special installation. Mostly it works for you because you bring different ideas to the table of life, whether at work or in your private life. The games can be started with a click of the mouse button.

“Answer me you deceitful bitch”.He could see Margaret again in the mirror, but what he wow items saw was not his wife. The extra tools that are wow items developed to enhance the gaming experience are also based on Windows platform. A wow items quick glance at his watch still read 2.00am. We will discuss in this particular article two ways of knowing what you actually like.If you think about these 2 methods then you can know what you really like. He tried to speak several times but emitted only tremulous mumbles until finally forcing the words “why are your eyes glowing yellow”. It is not required to download the programs for installation. Typically, EFT has been used to get rid of the detrimental impose all-around ideas as well as values. If runescape items you have a runescape items weakness, it is your idealism, which can be impractical at times. This method has been proven in scientific studies and research by means of peer review.

Inside my personal knowledge the idea operates like a charm to be able to get rid of the bad impose through views as well as values. This is the same problem with the Linux platform and other open source platforms. You will want your Aquarius tattoo to be different.You are a caring person, who likes to make a difference. What I funny jokes would like to introduce to you is funny jokes all about enterprise hosting and Im sure you will never regret the day you are connected to this kind of web hosting solution. “Well that’s just odd” he whispered.By the time Percy had gathered his thoughts, the yellow smoke had made its way into the kitchen, the insidious plume gathered quite stealthily around his Ankles and then disappeared up his trouser legs.

You have also a freedom to choose whether you retain an original background or change for a better one. Enterprise hosting can also provide you with e-business functions and even the so-called web hosting solution matters. That evening Percy supervised his wife cooking, watched as she cleaned his dentures, he changed his toothbrush and discarded all opened toiletries, confident that even though he had seen nothing unusual, Margaret would have been uncomfortable with the shadowing of her every move and would think twice about continuing with her insidious contriving.

Water is fluid, which depicts your personality. Her varying use of type, font, Tera Item and italics to punctuate her words adds expression and feeling to her book, from her pianissimo (soft) common font to a mezzo forte (moderately loud) bold, larger type.Laden with graphics, musical notes and given an uncrowded, spacious amount of room per page makes her work a “multimedia” presentation – or as much so as can be achieved by a book.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Allstar Official Website The Grand Line Tera gold On The Column

Shanda has announced the 2011 Allstar game Tera gold will be held during this year Chinajoy, today formally launched the 2011 Allstar official website, official website theme is "New Goldbach's Conjecture", allowing the player guessing which of several new games. In addition to the known "Dragon Ball", "Final Fantasy 14" outside, GameLook noted on the page is out there Tera, Dota2 option, although quiz, but a grand name directly implies these games mean?

I do not know until just gank and push the tower on the contrary, some people regard the tower as life. Especially one's own tower, TP desperate defense, the result is a tower lost, his little life was gone too. To know how to give up 30 years later was a hero. Push the other tower, if it was obvious one's own beat each other, you might want to give up the tower, separately, the first farm for a while, looking forward to the updated equipment, the other an anti-push, or push one the other five groups, and one's own three push each other, the other two in making money, then do not hesitate to change the tower bar, how are you want to make. Even host a roundtable to defend one's own, and do not blindly TP towers being attacked each other, because you down is one second, while team-mate may be because you save greater loss than the tower and then laid them out after the TP formation and the other hit. Some people desperate to push the other tower, regardless of the other party is not the attacks themselves, the result is that, although the tower push, but one's own group off. If the tower a lot of blood, then look back gracefully formation as the first battle group, a push to win the same tower, the tower of the blood if not many, and the other formation is not a good case can be considered first hit the tower.

According to industry rumors, has been actively compete for the grand expectations for Dota2 of China Valve agency, Dota2 Cologne, Germany in this year's game show debut. The development of Tera Bluehole Korea South Korean online game market this year, the biggest winner, Bluehole agency claimed that China had been uncertain, with "too busy" to evade the delay in entering the Chinese market. GL that the general process of a new travel agency point of view, the game has been in overseas operations more likely, Dota2 the case has not yet appeared, it may turn now to the agency a little bit early, but do not rule out there may be nothing special grand means.

In addition, the official website will Trion Worlds "(Rift: Planes of Telara" (crack) as the selection, one of South Korea's CJ E & M has been "RIFT" South Korean agency, is one of the few operations in South Korea Europe and the U.S. Department of Tera Item, which for the same is a well-made MMO.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tera gold cheap now is attractive

People playing Tera gold cheap is all about having a good time and relaxing. It is frank to imply that you cannot do it without Wow gold. This is why so many people are researching ways to earn easy World of Warcraft gold.

This is the reason why people love to find World of Warcraft gold tips. It is a fact that you can earn more gold if you have a greater character level. But when you gain knowledge from the Wow gold tips you will get a lot of gold even you are in low level.

You should loot everything you can hanging around. Most players ignore the need for looting what they kill. The mobs you killed may drop epics. So you should loot every mob everyone kill.

This fact makes skinning an easy to gain levels skill. The skins and hides have been in popular in the auction house. The cost is high. The gold you can make is in great amount. The price of leather deviates from realm to realm. It is always worth to defend myself against skinning skill particularly when you're in a poor level.

You should set an objective inside your action. Much like within the actual life you want to be successful inside the gold making process. You should have a definite goal. You should have a note of the auction house prices.

In order to make more gold you need to find the right places. Here are some best places to skill up your skinning and make a lot of in-game gold from selling the items you skinned.

For horde players the very best area to choose skinning at low-level is the Barrens. Many players are spending a lot of time questing there.

They might consume some Tera Item, however for those who can choose the objects that are actually critically sought after, you could produce a king?¡¥s ransom.

Monday, September 19, 2011

How you can Turn 1000 Gold into 2000 Gold

My personal favorite method to make that quantity of Runescape gold pretty fast is to locate cheap items to disenchant about the Auction House and then change and list the mats I get or rely on them to create scrolls and list those. In my opinion, just re-listing the mats can get you 1000 gold faster than making scrolls though.

A lot of players will sell the things they loot while questing and doing instances at extremely affordable prices. Green items don't sell that well, so its not difficult to find great bargains. (This is also an excellent, cheap method of getting mats to power-level your enchanting skill.). You can definitely find that level 80 mats do not sell as well as mats for enchants at other levels, even though there is more demand for enchants at 80. The auto-disenchant button for instances has truly flooded the marketplace there. You can still make gold on these, but you will make more on lower level mats. The very best company is lower level characters looking for cheap enchants or 80s looking to power-level enchanting by purchasing all of the mats they require from the AH.
Auctioneer Filters

Auctioneer Disenchant Searcher

I use Searchers in Auctioneer to automate this. You can find it on the Search tab under Searchers -> Disenchant. This can be used method even if your enchanting skill isn't maxed. just make sure that you simply set the Custom Levels setting in the searcher so only items which you will find the skill to disenchant are found. To make this faster and remove all the crap deals, set your minimum discount to 50%. If you achieve a lot of hits at 50%, push it even higher. Also set a minimum price getting started around 3-5 gold and pushing it higher provided you are receiving good results.

It might be tempting to simply look for items which earn profits if you purchase eden gold immediately in the Buy Out price. But many of the very best deals originate from bidding and being a little patient. A lot of sellers list items for at or above market price on their Buy Out price, but a really cheap minimum bid. When you're buying green items, most likely you'll win the bid on an acceptable percentage of items as well as your profits will be better.

If you have so much cheap wow gold or tera gold cheap, now you must know how to turn them more and more.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Guidance for wow gold cheap

Cataclysm is imminent. Patch 4.0 will hit at the begining of October. So smart WoW players are beginning to consider making Runescape gold in Cataclysm looking around for any great Cataclysm Gold Guide.

There are some guides around already. But I have to warn you. Some of those guides are simply while using word 'Cataclysm'to get your attention; their guides don't talk about Cataclysm specific stuff. They just rehash the stuff from general gold guides. Very disappointing.

I have found one Cataclysm gold guide that really concentrates on ways to use the release of the expansion to make insane levels of gold easily and how to be prepared for when the expansion finally releases..

Anyone who has look at this blog for some time knows that i'm a large fan from the ???Patch Profit??à formula. Basically this means that you receive on Test or read blogs that update yourself on changes coming up in the next patch, then figure out how you may make gold by predicting what will be selling like hot cakes as soon as the patch hits. Go ahead and stockpile those things at cheap pre-patch prices, and then?-well you are able to do you know what next. Thats right?-Profit!

If you're able to create a ton of gold using this method having a patch, just imagine what you can do with a massive expansion like Cataclysm! But how do you know which of these hundreds of changes to the game is going to be profitable?

Cataclysm Gold GuideThat is exactly the question that is answered through the Pre Cataclysm Gold Guide. This informative guide demonstrates how to expand 'patch profiting' into ??expansion profiting' by guiding you thru every proftable change and just how you may be ready for this prior to the expansion is even released.

The writer of the guide has been in the beta for some time (not every so-called Cataclysm gold guide writers know the same) which means you are getting detailed, insider information about new instances, new professions and recipes, and new items. In additon to the guide, additionally you get several video guides and constant use of a personal forum in which the expert writers will explain the newest and finest what to save, profession mat changes etc.

The 'expansion profit' method is really one of the last great strategies of WoW gold making since it only works for a few months every couple of years. However the amount of gold you may make in those few months is simply crazy. Don't lose out on the chance this time around. Get yourself a copy from the Pre Cataclysm Tera gold cheap Guide before the expansion is released and you have to wait another few years for it in the future around again.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Eden Eternal online Gold now is for you

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If you have bought Tera gold from others before, you might realize that the deliver time of Eden

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tera Gold - A Dream Deferred

Tera Gold - An aspiration Deferred

Fbig demand of swtor credits will raise the supply from in-game gold provider. Cotter?

Recall the Alamo?? In an indirect waywe are the best swtor gold seller all over the world which supplies the 100% manual gold. General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna contributed to the introduction of chewing gummaybe you can buy swtor gold from the skilled levelers they are able to farm it extremely fast.

In exile in New Yorkswtor credits are astonishingly powerful in the life of swtor for players. the former dictator plotted to boost an army and return to power in Mexicosafest method to buy swtor gold is request your pals who've the buying experience.? To complete thisswtor credits are astonishingly powerful within the lifetime of swtor for players. he would need money;? ?and to acquire moneyswtor credits are astonishingly powerful within the life of swtor for players. he would sell chicleswtor credits are astonishingly powerful within the life of swtor for players. a substance produced from the sap of the sapodilla treesafest way to buy swtor gold is ask for your pals who've the buying experience.? The chicle would be put into rubberswtor credits are astonishingly powerful within the lifetime of swtor for players. that was quite expensivesafest way to buy swtor gold is ask for your pals who have the buying experience.? If he could reduce the price of natural rubberswtor credits are astonishingly powerful in the lifetime of swtor for players. he would get rich making his triumphal go back to Mexico Citysafest way to buy swtor gold is ask for your pals who've the buying experience.?That was the plansafest method to buy swtor gold is ask for your pals who have the buying experience.

So he had chicle brought in from Mexicoto search a good supplier to purchase swtor credits will be a boring thing, as you can't choose which one you should try to choose.? In the timehow to find out the very best online shop to get swtor credit without payment? Santa Anna was the houseguest of Thomas Adamshow to find out the very best online shop to get swtor credit without payment? a struggling photographer and glassmaker who had been assigned to assist him during his exile in New Yorkto search a good supplier to purchase swtor credits will be a boring thing,Buy Tera Gold, as you can't choose which one gradually alter choose.

After at least a year of trying to create various things like carriage tireshere is the greatest place to buy swtor credit cheaply with safe guarantee. rain boots and toys with chiclehere is the best place to buy swtor credit cheaply with safe guarantee. without successhere is the greatest place to buy swtor credit cheaply with safe guarantee. Adams had decided to toss the remaining chicle in to the East Rivermaybe you can buy swtor gold from the skilled levelers they are able to farm it extremely fast.? He then remembered that Santa Anna enjoyed chewing the substancemaybe you can buy swtor gold in the skilled levelers they are able to farm it extremely fast.? That nighthere is the best spot to buy swtor credit cheaply with safe guarantee. he mixed a batch of chicle gum in the kitchen and tried itmaybe you can buy swtor gold from the skilled levelers they are able to farm it extremely fast.

Most chewing ?gums at that time were paraffin gumsto start swtor power leveling, the first thing you want to do is to get more knowledge about farmville.? Adams found that the gum created using chicle was softer and better-tasting compared to paraffin gums--not that there was much taste to itto start swtor power leveling,Tera Gold, the first thing you should do is to buy more understanding of farmville.

He chose to market this chicle gumthe best way to create swtor gold is buying from the reliable online retailers. and? by 1871the easiest way to create swtor gold is buying from the reliable online retailers. Adams needed to invent what became known as the gumball machine to maintain interest in his gumto start swtor power leveling, the first thing you should do is to get more understanding of farmville.

Still it didn't do Santa Anna much goodas an expert swtor credits seller we want to serve the least expensive and safest service.? He was granted amnesty in 1874none can level up his character lacking the necessary swtor credit. returned to Mexiconone can level up his character without enough swtor credit. and died 2 yrs lateras a professional swtor credits seller you want to serve the least expensive and safest service.?

Although the original intentions of Adams and Santa Anna weren't realizedwe can delivery the swtor credit in five min once the payment confirmed. the Usafest method to buy swtor gold is request your friends who have the buying experience.Ssafest way to buy swtor gold is request your friends who have the buying experience. Census Bureau advises that "Americans chew about 1safest method to buy swtor gold is ask for your friends who've the buying experience.8 pounds of gum per person per yearsafest method to buy swtor gold is ask for your pals who have the buying experience."

It was not the first timehow to discover the very best web store to get swtor credit without payment? nor will it be the lasthow to discover the very best web store to obtain swtor credit without payment? that something popular was invented quite by accidentto start swtor power leveling,Buy Tera Online Gold, the first thing you want to do is to get more understanding of this game.

Hello guys, now I am playing wow game. I need many tera gold. Do you have some ways to get it?

Friday, September 9, 2011

PVP May be the Key Point through Experiencing Tera British Demonstration

En Masse's "TERA" has invited the actual media held a modest exhibit, Mmog in the international press published the demonstration after demonstration statement, the next let's examine the authentic club:

Broke! !

Maker Chris Hager as well as producer assistant Stefan Ramirez very first carried out some simple answers. These people told all of us the actual game's 2 core: motion and depth. Motion portion in the action from the realistic battling. Initial, all of us need to understand is actually, Tera's aim associated with battling just isn't instantly towards the middle. Except if your own mouse offers directed for the beast, or else you can not really hit. The identical is actually accurate in the treatment mechanism. You need to stare at the adversary, in the moment associated with attack once the computer mouse depart. Simultaneously there is not going to be studying associated with spells and skills tend to be immediate. Charge may possibly demand the game world, but they are successful right away.

Furthermore, additionally they introduced combat combination technique. Basically, you'll be able to create your individual batter user interface tricks, now appears to be the two skills collectively. Therefore if you to produce transfer lower assaults, then the appropriate follow-up action could be a huge ax chop injuries. A person activate the primary group of dual skills batter may appear a quick telling you to push the actual area club (Xbox360 manage it if it truly is the Y important) in order to added attacks. This can be a really easy and effective approach to play each and every occupation-specific assault combos.

Along with crystal along with the circle. Crystal is really a world decrease products in the store, could be like "Diablo 2" in the identical connect in your gear. These people supply distinct part for the weapons as well as update the actual home and down in to the other gear may be grilled on. With dodging, moving, fun AI, these components offered the energy to concentrate the action from the game this brought a great deal of depth.

Bob as well as Stefan also wish that we should not really concentrate just on the fighting sport. "Tera" in the world there are many other folks equally weighty. Game has got the world's the majority of renowned fantasy author (RK MacPherson is a single) to write the actual grand story. Include tale of the world, which includes Eighty regions, 25 metropolitan areas and towns, and over One,Thousand tasks with regard to gamers in order to expertise.

Politics: The actual rule of territorial

Despite the fact that the actual "Tera" the actual world is not aggressive to one another factions to make turmoil, but the rubbing among groups as well as industry unions in the game induced by the politics program, the actual occurrence with the struggle is inevitable. Industry unions as well as individual players may guideline by political campaigns to the sport globe, 18 territories (Greyhounds tend to be every split into numerous local) one. The Vanarch (Lord) can strengthen and set every thing within the taxes place. In the event that necessary, they are able to actually turn off the areas with the public sale. Lord might be bloodstream and iron, as well as the mission's PVP sport guidelines, or even you are able to win more than additional gamers using the respect as well as ballots in order to earn. This particular technique is actually genuinely interesting is the fact that players is going to be how you can understand it, and the best way to guideline their own place.

PVP server to server

Stefan and Bob tend to be delighted as well as unexplainable tell us the PVP server to server will likely be offered because the game open up. They desire to Player vs player PVP gamers can battle additionally to greater than exactly what may be anticipated, this is a PVP host in order to server technique. They're able to not clarify an excessive amount of fine detail, however they referred towards the complete host is going to be in a position in order to get into additional server in which the actual incentives as well as predatory wealth. Gamers may invasion, defense, counterattack or perhaps all the way to catch every other's place inside the server.

Then lastly towards the demonstration section. My personal function is usually to "epee warrior (Slayer)", includes a deadly melee attack dual wielding weaponry career. My personal friend Carolyn chosen the "Slayers (Sorcerer)Inch. The actual Stenfan may be the title of "priest (Clergyman)Inch, Bob is actually our "sword mma fighter (Soldier)" tank, along with the other designers joined in, decide on the actual "Archer (Archer)Inch for that group in order to supply distant result. This time around we found a duplicate of the game past due, run after the huge villain Argons in order to one among their nests, there are many to be the actual metal in the immortal. The goal? Naturally get rid of all of them.

Within our demo, the available kill the small beast, which allows all of us in order to appreciate the very good fight as well as professional. Epee warrior manage is very flexible, it is possible to hold down the remaining major weapon continues to be waved, after which is actually push the actual acceptable variety of abilities. Keeping two weaponry, epee players appear to focus on the solitary injury result, however provided that you can find numerous creatures about, I can hit the actual three.

Quick problem in the method boss, an incredible group in front of argon, it's 4 thighs, plus a Shuozhuang butt, many of the hand using a sharp edge. Our container experienced management argon, and I use a few of the crystal to boost the crit chance and remained behind the Boss. argon is very interesting fight, he will be insane to leap close to at random inside the space, from time to time we'll end up being actively playing fifty percent in order to dying, luckily, the priest constantly in a position to make out from the woods. Additionally, it frequently known as demon in order to improve the difficulty of battling. But the archers a good deal out of them. We have 5, and spent plenty of cooperative work simply stick to it, avoid injuries, and at some point knocked out of this man.

General my personal 1st "Tera" great experience. I attempted in order to battle and to know why the sport could possibly get E3 awards. Battling, especially the delicious, along with the stability within the team did really nicely. Despite the fact that we've not seen the scene as well as single-game area will even exciting, but if the actual Durante Masse to make sure the top quality of the sport would be the very same like a duplicate from the ideal, then it truly is definitely a game worth hunting forward to.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Elaborate Classification to Charge of the Games Items and Glod

With a lot of gaming masterpiece recently surfaced one by one, players of these games have very high expectations. Such as Mysterious World tera EVE as well as domestic online games, human resource configurations witch's anger, etc., caused by the introduction of the concern of many players, of course, is more concerned about charging a part.

There are a masterpiece of double charging models are introduced. Maybe a lot of players for the game makers will no longer charging a dazzling array of surprise, because the game industry has already become mercenary, at various levels are disappointing. The following Xiaobian to resolve the current popular online games charging!

A classification of online charging

Card charges

Point card to purchase game points, the players in the game by the time to calculate, according to a certain percentage will be converted into points, hours, minutes and seconds. To make purchases, the player is not in the game will not cause consumer. For some short period of time that all the players are not fixed fee is more appropriate way. Earlier, Stone Age is the use of this charging method, charging methods so business profits are great, but players are easily lost.

Aion name card charges under the banner of marvelous

Although Aion is a time of charging fees, but once a player a joint boycott of the games. The cause is because the official charges and a series of props to encourage hook operating activities. Web Mall launched the official website, coupons draw point, hang time to obtain the bonus and so on.

In Aion, landed in China at the beginning, once the charge mode for the game had collected the views of players, players that should be used in most of the time charges under the premise of the game with time pricing model. And later introduced a number of activities to break the original sale of props charging time, and formed a time-based pricing model, props, supplemented by a mixture of fee charging. It seems the players, mixed charging means to break the balance of the game, seriously hurt the enthusiasm of the players of the game.

Monthly card fee

Monthly fee is China's online game first appeared in the charging method, a one-time purchase of a time period, regardless of the player is not in the game, will cause consumption. After the players need to re-purchase date, we can continue the game. For example weekly cards, monthly cards, quarter cards, the annual card. This way a lot of fixed fees would be more like players, first appeared in the online game King of Kings, this charging method is more stable business income, the loss of players is not easy. But the profit margins of small firms.

Uncharted Waters OnLine internal problems, cause the game to fall

Uncharted Waters OnLine is Japan's leading sailing glorious adventure series of games online, games for sale in the generation 15 years later, the glory has not yet publicly available online market has attracted a lot of diehard fans of the series of eyes. The great voyages OL agents into China after the storm caused, it is fried so many domestic players this highly anticipated game.

The first day of the game in the beta reached 20 million people online, and later reached 400,000 peak value test plateau in the game there are about 100,000 players. Nearly 10 million people a month to spend $ 60, if the game itself is no problem, profit is very easy. But such a promising game, but the problem with the company's operations result fallen.

Props charging

Props mode game developers are usually established within the game virtual goods store, and players can recharge via the RMB exchange into which the game-specific game currency to buy virtual goods store, the strong increase in goods, which is the prop model.

At present, China is in all countries, charging the most serious props countries, 97% of online game props are charging, since 2011, Mir into China, domestic developers largely abandoned card charges mode, turn billing platform into the props. This charging the firm's profit margins, but the unstable income, is growing slowly.

DNF unable to move at no cost

DNF in South Korea since has been popular in the country also has a large player base. However, DNF to enter the Chinese market, Tencent copy of the difficulty of their adjustment and the top holdings of the control equipment causing players not on the advanced copy of the clearance capacity. Those known as the player can manually without a single brush is not prepared on a large parcel in the top set and the required pharmaceutical, high strengthen pink handheld weapons. May be said that normal players do not play not to be the ancient copy of it But the game's setting is the high-level task props, had to get a copy from the ancient. If the player does not play after the full level, or the ancient copy of the PK, basically nothing to do, in this case is long Tencent eye, close one eye, so that plug-in to balance the copy of the difficulty and lack of senior players to game content situation.

Props charging mode in China has a decade-long development process, and the brightest experts expressed dissatisfaction with psychology, and the vast majority of psychology professor said The item-based model can contribute to young people in the virtual world to meet their own can not get something for the current game technology has reached the marriage, sworn to help fight other, and are integrated into the game for a strong self-control and virtual psychology of young people, this is a black hole, some Experts also believe that the name of free game cover charge, but props to the players of the game is a major factor in addiction trap network, because the game is the balance point card system, the development of the game, there is no virtual mall, all items are on their own efforts to complete, and props into the charging mode is based on the RMB to buy powerful items to meet their own growth, strong growth for these players usually bring pleasure themselves for goods, leading to addiction deepened.

CD-KEY Price

CD-KEY fee online games in Europe and America are more common, the so-called CD-KEY game just like the current activation code required for testing, only to buy a CD-KEY to play the game. This fee usually is a life that is as long as you buy the game CD-KEY, you can play the game for life, without paying any other fees, such as the U.S. service EverQuest 2, dark Black's Gate - London and so on. This extension of self-charging mode and stand-alone game software sales model. In addition, there are non-tenure, and a CD-KEY only use for some time, according to monthly or bi-monthly or quarterly calculation.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

World of Warcraft Went into A Recession Who Would Replace The King Place

"World of Warcraft" to accompany the players has gone through six years, recently, Blizzard's executives himself said that "World of Warcraft" has gradually entered a recession, this long-term resident in the ranks of the world's first online games the king of the make, when it recession, there Which game can replace their king as well?

New travel times of the online games industry, and those classic old games are gradually facing the "fatigued" and "lack of innovation," the pressure, more players began to sense a wide range of new online games.

"World of Warcraft" is gradually entering a recession

"World of Warcraft" has now entered the third piece of information, from the initial to the present, it has been a popular favorite players and support the game, but the growth over time, it gradually entered a " aging period ", both in the number of players or game update terms of quality, this phenomenon are gradually revealed.

Recently, the game's main system designer Greg Street has learned this, he said the production team of Warcraft is at the exploratory stage: "We do not have a lot of sustained and popular for so long to tell other examples of how we should do I think that new mechanisms and systems have been very simple, the problem lies in how they are together with the existing problem is "World of Warcraft" has been born six or seven years, continuous content makes the situation has become integrated very complex. "

New games continue to rise

For the international gaming market, one is faced with an aging veteran online games, online games are constantly emerging on the other hand the innovation. Like the "sword of the Spirit", "TERA", "FIREFALL", "ancient Century", etc., a variety of excellent new online games are beginning to gradually carving up the original part of the market share of those old games.

Looking at the recent launch of new online games work, we find that South Korean online game market in the world has entered a peak period, several large variety of new Korean online game companies to make a substantial push into the international market, which makes us understand that Today's competitive online market situation and began to tend to Korean tour companies.

In addition, the Russian gaming industry began to flourish, as the "Wizard of anger," the launch, indeed, so many players to experience the real charm of a Russian online games, although many players questioned the game there is in many ways This "World of Warcraft," the shadow, but it is undeniable that, as a gaming industry is not developed countries, "a shaman's anger" or let everyone know the strength of Russia is now online.

Turning now to the current status of China's online games, online games domestic enthusiasm for the 2D and different from the United States and Europe, the domestic online game players still on the 2D or high support rate, which also makes many domestic online game developers still do not stop development and improve the quality of 2D online games.

The domestic new class of 3D online games, old games are still a few companies or independent research and development, such as: a perfect world, the game snail, unicorn games, although they are still the main place in 3D online games, but the game content and innovation in Europe and America and Japan and South Korea but not a large developer of a breakthrough.

If the "World of Warcraft" really "retired" it?

From the previous high-level aspects of the statements made by Blizzard, as the "World of Warcraft," the developers, who themselves more clearly than the players of a game lifespans, so we can expect to one day "World of Warcraft" version will remain flat, and the new game will gradually replace its original position.

However, the look is now available again, those new games really have a work to re-create such a brilliant time?

Song in Beijing, said, "Elder Century" will go beyond the "World of Warcraft", we can not confirm this is not really achieved; Blizzard trying to update "Diablo 3", because this may be their new chips ; RED5's "FIREFALL" outstanding achievement indeed, but it is after all a FPS game; "TERA" slogan's great publicity and high profile, but ultimately success of the "hanbok failure, served on the successful" farce.

When after the fall of Warcraft, its status can be replaced if not, it still it is to run the body resurrection?

Then when the "World of Warcraft" really "retired" in the day, this king of the place online, Who can replace? Or will be "help wanted, and no one can" embarrassment it?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The New TERA Players Said The Games Need Sufficient

TERA this game a long time there is concern, beautifully consistent picture of Korean-style.

Although the party is a personal picture, picture of TERA impeccable, but also need plenty of game content, or do not buy Oh.

Yesterday, casual clothes that day has begun beta testing, will be holding experience mood to download the client. Well, looking at p2p download mode, I would have Tucao, and put a http download will Sia, average download speeds of 2-3M took me more than an hour is finished. (Words about 10M per second relative to the speed of http, which pits father and the only way to download is the personal wants dead.)

After the download, use back the previous HG-mail account (HG have played the game before, but the account forgot = sweat), entered the TERA trip.

Press the Start button, "you are not from JP domestic connection, you can not make this game" message box pop out. Well I surrender, if any JP game to put forward such a will, the language better off WIN7 replaced on the line do not have to reboot.

After entering the game, create a character. I am a female angle control, as long as the game is absolutely beautiful woman elected female roles, of course, no exception of the TERA. First read the next race and occupation, I always like a remote job, so choose a human mage.

After entering the game, the protagonist's debut story idea that I feel, nothing excited - love, too does not meet a "masterpiece" status. And it seems the whole race debut the same? This feeling is too steal labor and materials.

Operation, as a non-locked games, I feel still very humane. At least I basically adapted to any conflict. Okay, I admit that in the non-battle still subconsciously trying to hold down the right-drag to change perspective.

On skills, I had to Tucao about the first two skills. Fireball attack is too low (close to draw absolute cut than the damage is much lower), low on the low bar, as an instant cast skill actually can not be moved. Huo-yen, while the second array of skills, there will be a hard-hitting enemy straight time. I think if 1v1 may also be used with, if 1vN behind enemy is completely reduced to watching skill.

Because the level is not high, so there is no single more advanced magic, and now the cycle will be a fireball attack, to the 10-meter throw bombs, to the array in front of Huo-yen, and then after the jump.

Short as a Master, not to mention that the range of attack is too short, feel the smoothness of operation is not good Dragon Valley.

Let me say two swords warrior. To play a bit close combat, the monster's attack was designed to feel very new. Beginning of the game tree to be strange to shoot it with open arms when out of the way, you will find it will lose the focus fell on the ground. This sudden surge of interest in me, always thinking how to take liberties with it. There was a red deer of two, I know it has to charge, you can out of the way ahead.

As a melee, remotely better than fun, but if done to try to avoid injury, it will take too much energy, too tired. Ax war, although the action heavy gun point, but relatively speaking, should be able to stand still and hit a dozen bar.

On the acquisition side, not specifically to learn professional skills can be collected, this feels great. Just do not know how the production cost of an item.

Mission system and the previous game, was very boring. Follow the task instructions, a ring to go down. Although most people would think it is very friendly, at least know how to go the next step. But personally feel that if a game from the early stage of your game provides a good route, it is not too rigid and too bored of it. However, the design of the current game situation, this is still the mainstream. However, for me, more boring.

No team before, so the cooperation of people out of the scene can not be imagined. However, it should still be very fun. As with the wall's design, at least for position to protect that way of fighting, the fighting will be popular among. The weak melee Mage, Priest, we will better understand this feeling of being protected.

While everyone that no lock will replace the previous game locked games, a trend. But it is undeniable that this will make the operation more difficult, and it is easy to produce fatigue. As an online game, how to maintain the line rate should be the subject of the final carrier, they were able to offer more than other fighting games are played, to ensure the life of the game.

I think I would choose point card to play.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

TERA Japan Sever Are Popular Hot Players Still Discount

Each country has its own culture, the same thing has a different understanding. "TERA" As a South Korean online games, suffered a crushing defeat in local and Waterloo, while the service is extremely popular in Japan, in the end is NHN exaggerated or it's true, today small street to visit with you about!

In Japan's largest distribution center in Akihabara electronics sales, because Obon season, the streets crowded with people, noisy endless. Most of the year in August 15 to 16 two days leave and rest, and many people have to take off a little holiday, will be combined with annual leave, 12 to 16 to even break a lot of businesses are ready to a wealth of consumer buyers expect discounts and activities.

Obon season deserted Electric line

In the 12 to 14 August, Tokyo's largest comic book event, held a grand, a lot of books, comics are for sale at the crowd save action. On the contrary, the seller was very depressed laptops, many people did not patronize the shop, with this phenomenon is in sharp contrast, assembly machines, accessories market is extremely hot.

In fact, more than half of the population in Japan using a laptop computer, desktop share of less than 40%, and mainly office-based, home desktops compared to only 10%. These desktops, there is a large part of the brand machine, and one small part of the assembly machine, this part of the ratio of only 1 to 2 percent, South Korea, most of the assembly machine with a small number of people very different brand of , the world's second-largest electronics market in Japan, many players will not upgrade the computer to configure the game.

But last year, as two strong online gaming market, "Final Fantasy 14" and "Aion" let a lot of players 10 to 40 years old crazy for computer upgrades, and this year is also quietly for such a situation, it's because " TERA ".

"TERA", served hot, although the true feelings of dissatisfaction, but the players still

At first, many Japanese computer company because that "TERA" configuration is high, and the players are very popular, have prices of accessories for, so many Japanese players have been unhappy, and NHN Japan policy introduced monthly ¥ 3,000 won more than 3 more than times, allowing the player to completely collapse, war of words on the network, although the final monthly payment is still 3,000 yen, but cheaper than the Korean dress props and cheap monthly card sales, the Japanese players in mind is full of grievances.

And due to a card too expensive, a lot of players that give "TERA", and launched the computer upgrade. But in "TERA" 8 月 18 officially beta, aftermarket or busy scenario occurs, that is, although players complained, but there is still pride and desire of money to upgrade the configuration for the game, which from a side note, " TERA "the popular daily doses are not covered.

The most CPU and LED displays dealers busy, the two parts market since last year because of the sudden emergence of smart phone games and shocks in the IT industry was once apathetic, but because "TERA" the drive, CPU and LED displays this year, sales are booming, many selling brand of LED models even out of stock.

In some parts stores, computer accessories, led by monitors, even the most eye-catching store occupied the booth, the booth should know before they are vested iphone4, ipad2 like Apple products.

Currently "TERA", served on the growing popularity, the use of hanbok with different means and means to promote sales of the game since the number of commercial operation has not diminished but rather climbing, currently a free beta period has reached the highest At the same time line level.

"TERA" driven not only Japanese gaming market, but also for the Korean online games to establish a good reputation, and led the Japanese electronics accessories market, it seems that its popularity really is not served on the extraordinary!