Sunday, September 4, 2011

The New TERA Players Said The Games Need Sufficient

TERA this game a long time there is concern, beautifully consistent picture of Korean-style.

Although the party is a personal picture, picture of TERA impeccable, but also need plenty of game content, or do not buy Oh.

Yesterday, casual clothes that day has begun beta testing, will be holding experience mood to download the client. Well, looking at p2p download mode, I would have Tucao, and put a http download will Sia, average download speeds of 2-3M took me more than an hour is finished. (Words about 10M per second relative to the speed of http, which pits father and the only way to download is the personal wants dead.)

After the download, use back the previous HG-mail account (HG have played the game before, but the account forgot = sweat), entered the TERA trip.

Press the Start button, "you are not from JP domestic connection, you can not make this game" message box pop out. Well I surrender, if any JP game to put forward such a will, the language better off WIN7 replaced on the line do not have to reboot.

After entering the game, create a character. I am a female angle control, as long as the game is absolutely beautiful woman elected female roles, of course, no exception of the TERA. First read the next race and occupation, I always like a remote job, so choose a human mage.

After entering the game, the protagonist's debut story idea that I feel, nothing excited - love, too does not meet a "masterpiece" status. And it seems the whole race debut the same? This feeling is too steal labor and materials.

Operation, as a non-locked games, I feel still very humane. At least I basically adapted to any conflict. Okay, I admit that in the non-battle still subconsciously trying to hold down the right-drag to change perspective.

On skills, I had to Tucao about the first two skills. Fireball attack is too low (close to draw absolute cut than the damage is much lower), low on the low bar, as an instant cast skill actually can not be moved. Huo-yen, while the second array of skills, there will be a hard-hitting enemy straight time. I think if 1v1 may also be used with, if 1vN behind enemy is completely reduced to watching skill.

Because the level is not high, so there is no single more advanced magic, and now the cycle will be a fireball attack, to the 10-meter throw bombs, to the array in front of Huo-yen, and then after the jump.

Short as a Master, not to mention that the range of attack is too short, feel the smoothness of operation is not good Dragon Valley.

Let me say two swords warrior. To play a bit close combat, the monster's attack was designed to feel very new. Beginning of the game tree to be strange to shoot it with open arms when out of the way, you will find it will lose the focus fell on the ground. This sudden surge of interest in me, always thinking how to take liberties with it. There was a red deer of two, I know it has to charge, you can out of the way ahead.

As a melee, remotely better than fun, but if done to try to avoid injury, it will take too much energy, too tired. Ax war, although the action heavy gun point, but relatively speaking, should be able to stand still and hit a dozen bar.

On the acquisition side, not specifically to learn professional skills can be collected, this feels great. Just do not know how the production cost of an item.

Mission system and the previous game, was very boring. Follow the task instructions, a ring to go down. Although most people would think it is very friendly, at least know how to go the next step. But personally feel that if a game from the early stage of your game provides a good route, it is not too rigid and too bored of it. However, the design of the current game situation, this is still the mainstream. However, for me, more boring.

No team before, so the cooperation of people out of the scene can not be imagined. However, it should still be very fun. As with the wall's design, at least for position to protect that way of fighting, the fighting will be popular among. The weak melee Mage, Priest, we will better understand this feeling of being protected.

While everyone that no lock will replace the previous game locked games, a trend. But it is undeniable that this will make the operation more difficult, and it is easy to produce fatigue. As an online game, how to maintain the line rate should be the subject of the final carrier, they were able to offer more than other fighting games are played, to ensure the life of the game.

I think I would choose point card to play.

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