Saturday, September 24, 2011

Allstar Official Website The Grand Line Tera gold On The Column

Shanda has announced the 2011 Allstar game Tera gold will be held during this year Chinajoy, today formally launched the 2011 Allstar official website, official website theme is "New Goldbach's Conjecture", allowing the player guessing which of several new games. In addition to the known "Dragon Ball", "Final Fantasy 14" outside, GameLook noted on the page is out there Tera, Dota2 option, although quiz, but a grand name directly implies these games mean?

I do not know until just gank and push the tower on the contrary, some people regard the tower as life. Especially one's own tower, TP desperate defense, the result is a tower lost, his little life was gone too. To know how to give up 30 years later was a hero. Push the other tower, if it was obvious one's own beat each other, you might want to give up the tower, separately, the first farm for a while, looking forward to the updated equipment, the other an anti-push, or push one the other five groups, and one's own three push each other, the other two in making money, then do not hesitate to change the tower bar, how are you want to make. Even host a roundtable to defend one's own, and do not blindly TP towers being attacked each other, because you down is one second, while team-mate may be because you save greater loss than the tower and then laid them out after the TP formation and the other hit. Some people desperate to push the other tower, regardless of the other party is not the attacks themselves, the result is that, although the tower push, but one's own group off. If the tower a lot of blood, then look back gracefully formation as the first battle group, a push to win the same tower, the tower of the blood if not many, and the other formation is not a good case can be considered first hit the tower.

According to industry rumors, has been actively compete for the grand expectations for Dota2 of China Valve agency, Dota2 Cologne, Germany in this year's game show debut. The development of Tera Bluehole Korea South Korean online game market this year, the biggest winner, Bluehole agency claimed that China had been uncertain, with "too busy" to evade the delay in entering the Chinese market. GL that the general process of a new travel agency point of view, the game has been in overseas operations more likely, Dota2 the case has not yet appeared, it may turn now to the agency a little bit early, but do not rule out there may be nothing special grand means.

In addition, the official website will Trion Worlds "(Rift: Planes of Telara" (crack) as the selection, one of South Korea's CJ E & M has been "RIFT" South Korean agency, is one of the few operations in South Korea Europe and the U.S. Department of Tera Item, which for the same is a well-made MMO.

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