Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Elaborate Classification to Charge of the Games Items and Glod

With a lot of gaming masterpiece recently surfaced one by one, players of these games have very high expectations. Such as Mysterious World tera EVE as well as domestic online games, human resource configurations witch's anger, etc., caused by the introduction of the concern of many players, of course, is more concerned about charging a part.

There are a masterpiece of double charging models are introduced. Maybe a lot of players for the game makers will no longer charging a dazzling array of surprise, because the game industry has already become mercenary, at various levels are disappointing. The following Xiaobian to resolve the current popular online games charging!

A classification of online charging

Card charges

Point card to purchase game points, the players in the game by the time to calculate, according to a certain percentage will be converted into points, hours, minutes and seconds. To make purchases, the player is not in the game will not cause consumer. For some short period of time that all the players are not fixed fee is more appropriate way. Earlier, Stone Age is the use of this charging method, charging methods so business profits are great, but players are easily lost.

Aion name card charges under the banner of marvelous

Although Aion is a time of charging fees, but once a player a joint boycott of the games. The cause is because the official charges and a series of props to encourage hook operating activities. Web Mall launched the official website, coupons draw point, hang time to obtain the bonus and so on.

In Aion, landed in China at the beginning, once the charge mode for the game had collected the views of players, players that should be used in most of the time charges under the premise of the game with time pricing model. And later introduced a number of activities to break the original sale of props charging time, and formed a time-based pricing model, props, supplemented by a mixture of fee charging. It seems the players, mixed charging means to break the balance of the game, seriously hurt the enthusiasm of the players of the game.

Monthly card fee

Monthly fee is China's online game first appeared in the charging method, a one-time purchase of a time period, regardless of the player is not in the game, will cause consumption. After the players need to re-purchase date, we can continue the game. For example weekly cards, monthly cards, quarter cards, the annual card. This way a lot of fixed fees would be more like players, first appeared in the online game King of Kings, this charging method is more stable business income, the loss of players is not easy. But the profit margins of small firms.

Uncharted Waters OnLine internal problems, cause the game to fall

Uncharted Waters OnLine is Japan's leading sailing glorious adventure series of games online, games for sale in the generation 15 years later, the glory has not yet publicly available online market has attracted a lot of diehard fans of the series of eyes. The great voyages OL agents into China after the storm caused, it is fried so many domestic players this highly anticipated game.

The first day of the game in the beta reached 20 million people online, and later reached 400,000 peak value test plateau in the game there are about 100,000 players. Nearly 10 million people a month to spend $ 60, if the game itself is no problem, profit is very easy. But such a promising game, but the problem with the company's operations result fallen.

Props charging

Props mode game developers are usually established within the game virtual goods store, and players can recharge via the RMB exchange into which the game-specific game currency to buy virtual goods store, the strong increase in goods, which is the prop model.

At present, China is in all countries, charging the most serious props countries, 97% of online game props are charging, since 2011, Mir into China, domestic developers largely abandoned card charges mode, turn billing platform into the props. This charging the firm's profit margins, but the unstable income, is growing slowly.

DNF unable to move at no cost

DNF in South Korea since has been popular in the country also has a large player base. However, DNF to enter the Chinese market, Tencent copy of the difficulty of their adjustment and the top holdings of the control equipment causing players not on the advanced copy of the clearance capacity. Those known as the player can manually without a single brush is not prepared on a large parcel in the top set and the required pharmaceutical, high strengthen pink handheld weapons. May be said that normal players do not play not to be the ancient copy of it But the game's setting is the high-level task props, had to get a copy from the ancient. If the player does not play after the full level, or the ancient copy of the PK, basically nothing to do, in this case is long Tencent eye, close one eye, so that plug-in to balance the copy of the difficulty and lack of senior players to game content situation.

Props charging mode in China has a decade-long development process, and the brightest experts expressed dissatisfaction with psychology, and the vast majority of psychology professor said The item-based model can contribute to young people in the virtual world to meet their own can not get something for the current game technology has reached the marriage, sworn to help fight other, and are integrated into the game for a strong self-control and virtual psychology of young people, this is a black hole, some Experts also believe that the name of free game cover charge, but props to the players of the game is a major factor in addiction trap network, because the game is the balance point card system, the development of the game, there is no virtual mall, all items are on their own efforts to complete, and props into the charging mode is based on the RMB to buy powerful items to meet their own growth, strong growth for these players usually bring pleasure themselves for goods, leading to addiction deepened.

CD-KEY Price

CD-KEY fee online games in Europe and America are more common, the so-called CD-KEY game just like the current activation code required for testing, only to buy a CD-KEY to play the game. This fee usually is a life that is as long as you buy the game CD-KEY, you can play the game for life, without paying any other fees, such as the U.S. service EverQuest 2, dark Black's Gate - London and so on. This extension of self-charging mode and stand-alone game software sales model. In addition, there are non-tenure, and a CD-KEY only use for some time, according to monthly or bi-monthly or quarterly calculation.

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