Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan dropped their future after the earthquake

Japan dropped their future

6 percent Monday as investors took stock of the economic situation

damage caused by the earthquake and tsunami that devastated

region of northern Iraq.

Yen also slipped against the dollar, reversing lights previous

gains in a volatile morning in which the distributors were wary about

be able to settle transactions in thin trading conditions.

Japanese automakers, electronics companies and oil refineries have been

their share prices fall by up to 12 percent after '

factories shooting on Friday, after the earthquake and tsunami,

that are feared to have killed more than 10,000 people

severely damaged infrastructure.

Analysts say the economy is likely to suffer

decrease at least in the short term, the risk modeling firm AIR

Worldwide, said last week an earthquake could result in insured

loss of nearly $ 35 billion.

"The last strong earthquake is required to use the fall

pressure on Japan over the shares in the near future "

Nomura analysts in a research note.

"Based on the decline after the Kobe earthquake, we expect the

TOPIX and the Nikkei average down, then resumed

bands around 850-900 and 9500-10000 respectively "the

said, referring to a 1995 earthquake that struck western Japan.

Japan Nikkei futures opened down about 7 percent

<0 # JNI:> over the closing session on Friday. After

paring losses, the most actively traded contract term in June

contract fell 4.8 percent in 9710.

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