Friday, March 11, 2011

Wow Gold Guide – How to Avoid Scam

What I mean you have decided to find the best buy wow gold guide. You might have heard of some guides that are still unsure on the Internet such as blogs or forums. To honest I have been skeptical gold guides for a long time. When I started playing World Of Warcraft, just over three years ago and stuck to my critical for the first couple of years before I gave in and purchased cheap guide.

You are right, I said cheap. I did not become familiar with a single thing I didn't already know from playing Wow but sadly no guarantee was offered so I was simply out my money. That virtually did it for me personally for the next few months but after hearing of a guild mate of mine who was making $65,000 annually selling Wow gold my curiosity was peaked again.

I begged and pleaded for him to inform me how he made it happen but he refused stating he was afraid he would have too much competition but he did let some things slip like the fact he learned his methods form gold guides. I thought gold guides are scams. The next thing I knew I had bought eleven gold guides all being touted as the next big thing. A number of them were a significant disappointed, some were so-so, just a few were actually pure gold. The majority of the guides included money-back guarantees so in the end it require me to pay less than $200 to find out precisely what I wanted to understand.

The large things you may need to take care when you're searching for the best wow gold guide are: Could it be Legal? Does it have a 100% money back guarantee? Does it work with any race, class, or faction? Is it simply grinding guide or does it teach Auction House techniques? Length (Wow is really a complex game -needs no less than 150 pages).Does it include free updates?

If you discover helpful information that covers each one of these points then you have struck pay dirt. I'd say snatch up and worst case scenario you take advantage of the money back guarantee which incidentally just one site of all the ones I tested stiffed me about the refund.

Making gold can be a full time job and many gamers I talk to hate farming above all else. I had been this way but after learning some simple to duplicate methods I now have more enjoyable making gold than actually playing wow for the pve or pvp content. If you'd like to learn more about finding the right wow gold guide simply click the hyperlink. I've made a full 5 Day Wow Millionaire Mini-course and you can have it free.

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