Monday, March 14, 2011

Things RIFT Beta 7 Patch

Today marks the beginning of the end: the final event of the Rift beta, which also happens to be the first open beta as well. To start this six-day gala, Trion Worlds has released another set of patch notes as long as the team is working hard to perfect the product before its launch in the head Feb. 24. New emoticons for improving unemployment insurance, there is a little something for everyone here. You can get RIFT gold line, if you're looking for more excitement.

Probably the biggest change is usually the soul, much of the souls of the game PvE received 32 developed and adjustments. Guild characteristics were a few passages where the team has added some new benefits and replaced a number of guild banners. Trion also implemented the Twitter features of the game, allowing players to tweet their status in the game and screenshots in the world. You can get OPERATING Online Gold, if you're looking for more excitement.

And the dwarves always vain, well, it seems that Rift Platinum finally last shipment of Botox, "Dwarf Man no longer looks so altered current dwarf male characters seem to have lost probably a few years off your face somewhere .."

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