Wednesday, March 16, 2011

MotorStorm Platinum Players Rife

In Motorstorm has a lot of Rift Plat is not noticeable at first glance, but he makes this very natural. The machine has sent water - the body was wet. Fell into the ditch - was covered with mud. Is performed in a puddle - and even then becomes transparent when dry, dust and the surface on the barrel with a quiver in the heat of the air.

And everything would be perfect if it is the desire to cover everything at once: a huge very detailed process with decaying facilities, an abundance of elegant post effects, careful execution models of cars and a desire to transform each default small piece of the world. In principle, the creators have managed to "excellent." There had to sacrifice many textures. And if a high-speed shortcomings in the eyes, do not rush, then a collision, for the scene with the monsters steel interior expansion show at close range, in moderation, just put your nose in the holes. Particularly frustrating when the camera is set on the interface between two horrible, blurry textures in the same plane. Nature has created one way or another. The engine, which is a dusty canyons in the first part when using platinum divided, managed to pull the branches and bushes disaster Sprite. Shadows at low resolution and do not contribute to the scene appears to slow the descent.

But what no mistake - this is the music, hard riffs, which will only increase the attack of extreme events. Composition of Nirvana, Ministry, Slipknot, In Flames, Megadeth, and many other performers and hard rock with an electronic alternative to the dull roar of engines and squeal of metal crushed.

The roar of the engines, auto shredded scrap, challenging courses and a series of forks and natural barriers (for each of eight categories of equipment) - the second coming of MotorStorm is the accompaniment of frenzied rock. The errors in the first part successfully removed, crushed in the dust and trampled into the mud. "The festival has become a versatile and delicious ... devilishly difficult. Chaos is being, and survival is not so great credit to the league supremacy, which is determined by the favors of fortune.

Not everything went well. Mode "speed" plays on the nerves, it is necessary to remember the location of checkpoints dozen stubbornly. Graphics, enchanting beautiful lighting, detail, and the total number of effects, and enter into despondency, when the brake stuck our noses in the texture of pasta, horrible shadow and negligent performance of the vegetation. And since the minigames. With such an aggressive attitude to be stimulated in the first confrontation between the drivers and not just to expedite the passage of tangled lines. But anyway, despite all the flaws, Motorstorm Pacific remains the best Rift Platinum. Elegant, robust, fast and unpredictable. Unique.

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