Friday, March 11, 2011

The Rift Platinum direction for Freshman

Rift Platinum may be the main type of currency that players use in Rift: Planes of Telara. In most MMORPG games it's known as gold which means this would actually be considered a gold making guide, but since it's called Platinum in Rift, it's a platinum guide. There, that's settled.

On our site, I will attempt to ensure you get basic tricks and tips how you can earn more platinum. Since Rift continues to be a relatively new game some of these strategies may not work as time passes, and many strategies don't even exist yet. The overall game economy is still not developed as numerous players are just now leveling up their characters and not focusing on leveling professions. However I'll attempt to provide as numerous tips when i can from my experiences playing the overall game, and when you have any be sure to add them within the comments section below!
Making Platinum With Quests

For that first couple of levels you will be making platinum (or rather silver, and an occasional gold piece) by completing quests almost exclusively. You will also be gaining some cash by killing monsters.Fortunately you will not need to purchase anything, except perhaps food and some potions. I actually do in fact recommend you purchase some, as it can help you kill monsters faster, and the prices are pretty cheap. Potions are an easy way to keep yourself alive whenever you occur to pull an extra monster on yourself.The only real investment I will recommend with your extra gold is buying bags. However, you will also gain bags from quests and monster drops, so make sure to not waste too much money on them. You should however upgrade them as soon as possible, because those gray quality items you will be looting can be sold to vendors for added income.

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