Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rift Professions Introduction

In cobweb your characters can choose to operate in a variety of Rift Platinum professions. This gives them the ability to collect the various resources such as wood or metal to produce objects of resources, weapons, runes and potions. All occupations end goal of winning gold in the Rift. A person can choose any combination of up to three occupations of collection or preparation. Are made independently of adventure and the levels are not associated with the storage system.

Rift functions currently nine different occupations fall into the collection and craft occupations. gathering professions are generally independent of the trades and professions are all prerequisites. Craft occupations generally depend on the materials that are assembled and manufactured by other players or bought from NPC vendors. This means that the craft occupations are generally more expensive but also produce helpful articles collection unlike professions.

Collection business

Foraging Trainer There are three different professions Rift: Aircraft cobweb:

1. Slaughterhouse

Massacre is a group of professionals, which allows you to collect the hides and other useful parts of the creatures found throughout the Telara boats and various types of skin. Slaughter techniques with a professional couple very well equipped, but can also be useful Armorsmithing and AFP.

2. Four Agere

Foraging may be the gathering profession that is the collection of plants and several types of wood found along the spider web. Foraging is particularly useful for the profession of pharmacy, but can also be useful for Artificing and Armory.

3. Mining

Mining is a gathering profession which allows players to collect minerals and gemstones in the world of Telara. It is very useful if you Weaponsmithing, Armorsmithing.


Pharmacies can make various craft items using the materials collected. Crafts are as follows:

1. Apotheker

Pharmacist profession crafts you can create flasks, potions, Phil institutes, tonics and vials. This activity is best suited to the slaughterhouse industry and food gathering.

2. Armor

Armor will help you make the chain armor plate armor and shields. Armorsmith are also able to recover the armor, allowing them to break the pieces to get crafting materials. Butcher Mines and better performance with this development.

3. Artificing

Craftsman creates necklaces, rings, staves, totems (wizards and hand items

employees), and sticks.

4. Mounting

A provider creates armor fabric and leather materials from a butcher. It goes well when combined with the slaughter for leather collection.

5. Runecrafting

Create a runeshards Runecrafter and runes that are used to increase the team bonus features. The raw materials are obtained from other magic items that have been used runebreak jurisdiction over them.

6. Weaponsmithing

Armory allows players to design a variety of weapons such as swords, bows, axes and guns. A collection of professions is recommended for arms manufacturers is mining. When you become familiar with the pros, and use these skills flexibly in game Rift Gold is easy for you.

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