Sunday, March 27, 2011

Preview Rift Plans LOOM

Rift Platinum is a fantasy MMORPG set in the world, which is occupied by half a dozen other worlds. From just cracks (crack = Rift, ed.) This means that areas of the game are subject to sudden attacks of these slots, you can skip through them and discover a whole new world.

"The idea of ??the game engine," said Scott Hartsman, development director of the game, "gives us the opportunity to make some very interesting stories about the dynamic content that would not see in other games." So not only is a couple of monsters to wander out of the crack between the worlds - the rival factions, which may take the settlements, depending on how you act.

"To the world reacts to what the player does, so that the balance of power changed and the different factions gains the upper hand, is definitely something to do with this system," said Scott. "It 's a system that keeps track of the state, each player in the world, so we have different ways of handling in an intelligent way, without crushing a poor showing in the beginner who just wants to win the undead."

Without seeing how the system works in practice it is difficult to determine whether it is a good idea and if it will really make the game world a more exciting place to explore. What is most interesting Rift is rather how it is manipulation.

"The players are resurrected souls," says Scott, "and there are souls who have not been strong enough to cope with the process when you start playing you can choose what kind of mood he was when he was alive Pyromancer -... . night sheet ... and the first soul. determines its characteristics, the electrical system, the mechanics of materials and equipment you can use. More evening or by performing tasks or working with NPCs, and find other souls . This allows you to collect, or as he is known not seem too broken vampyrisk platinum absorb. "Ultimately, you can kiss the three souls at the same time, and may have other classes like yours. Then choose how you spend your energy: You can assign different classes to maintain their first class as the principal, or any other investment in a new soul, to completely change the character. "It allows players to create their own combinations of kinds and combinations of Rift Gold fresh forces could not be predicted," says Scott.

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